Historical Documentaries on Abortion in the US

Back-Alley Detroit: Abortion Before Roe v. Wade (47 min.)
Daniel Friedman & Sharon Grimberg
Urban Life Productions
(503) 228-8615

Dear Doctor Spencer: Abortion in a Small Town (25 min.)
Danielle Renfrew & Beth Seltzer
Concentric Media
(800) 876-1710
(650) 321-3533

From Danger to Dignity: The Fight For Safe Abortion (57 min.)
Dorothy Fadiman, Beth Seltzer & Daniel Meyers
Concentric Media
(650) 321-3533

Jane: An Abortion Service (60 min.)
Kate Kirtz & Nell Lundy
Women Make Movies
(212) 925-0606

Life Matters: The Story of an Illegal Abortionist (49 min.)
Kyle Boyd
Filmakers Library
(212) 808-4980

Leona's Sister Gerri (57 min.)
Jane Gillooly
New Day Films
(888) 367-9154

Motherless: A Legacy of Loss From Illegal Abortions (30 min.)
Barbara Attie, Janet Goldwater & Diane Pontius
The Cinema Guild
(212) 685-6242

Voices of Choice: Physicians Who Provided Abortions Before Roe v. Wade (25 min.)
Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health
(646) 366-1890 x16

When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories (28 min.)
Dorothy Fadiman
Concentric Media
(650) 321-3533