"A POIGNANT, AFFECTING look at growing up Indian in the white, suburban South."
Mira Nair, Director
Mississippi Masala
Patricia Falvo
New York Magazine
"A TOUCHING, INSIGHTFUL STUDY of teens struggling to establish their identities as both American and Asian Indian...Miss India Georgia shows the joys and sorrows of growing up a member of the second generation – and brings alive core issues of assimilation and the meaning of being American."
Mary Waters, Harvard University
Author, Ethnic Options
"AFFECTIONATE, RESPECTFUL, AND OFTEN SLYLY HILARIOUS, Miss India Georgia takes us into the lives of four teenagers negotiating notions of femininity derived from their Indian family backgrounds and from the American South."
Kirin Narayan, University of Wisconsin
Author, Love, Stars and All That
"AN INTIMATE LOOK at ethnic assimilation within the Indian and Pakistani communities of modern-day Atlanta."
Wexner Center for the Arts
The Ohio State University

"A PERCEPTIVE, ENTERTAINING documentary about cultural assimilation"

Boston Phoenix
"A WONDERFUL FILM...A delicate, poignant glimpse into the lives of four young Indian American women, that reveals the fraught worlds they live in."
Meena Alexander, City University of New York
Author, The Shock of Arrival:
Reflections on Postcolonial Experience


"Miss India Georgia explains why the struggle to remain Indian is really A CLASSIC AMERICAN STORY."
Caleb Hellerman
Creative Loafing
, Atlanta
"A remarkably candid look at how four young women of Indian descent struggle with the dual caste systems of their ancestral homeland and the modern suburban South...AN IMPRESSIVE, INTIMATE VIEW OF THE HIGH COST OF AMERICANIZATION."
Joan Van Tassel
The Hollywood Reporter
"A SIGNIFICANT ADDITION to the body of work about the modern Indian diaspora."
Leela Jacinto
The Times of India
"Examines the difficulty of fitting into American society, from dating to being accepted by peers at school...OFFERS VALUABLE INSIGHT INTO INDIAN CULTURE."
Christian Science Monitor
"Friedman & Grimberg couldn't have filmed a better (or more diverse) cross-sectional representative group if they'd hired actors...The warring-cultures point is made...four girls, four ways‚ unforgettably."
Cliff Garboden
Boston Phoenix
"A revealing look into the lives of four second-generation Asian-Indian girls and their struggle to maintain a degree of cultural heritage while defining themselves as American...A THOUGHTFUL EXAMINATION THAT ESCHEWS PREACHINESS IN FAVOR OF INSIGHT."
Jeff Dick


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